The project consists of modernist 2-storey single detached homes situated 800 metres above sea level. Pongyang’s ideal location is blessed with cool weather year-round and the majestic mountains forming the natural backdrop. The mountain vista from the project is even more awe-inspiring when viewed from the basin-like terrain surrounded by towering peaks.

Life Style

Put the clock in slow motion, sit back as you breathe in fresh mountain air in an unhurried lifestyle at Pongyang the epitome of relaxation for nature lovers that can rejuvenate the zest in life that has been missing for so long. Every day of the rest of your life begins here.

Morning dripped coffee with softly fog’s smell

Have a Good Day

Transform your holiday home into a unique “coffee villa” only for you to be immersed in the exclusive and private relaxation while sipping a cup of intense and aromatic drip coffee that helps to enhance the pleasure of the slow life.

The ritual of the drip coffee provides you with the true taste and aroma of coffee and the realisation that time is limitless when you want to enjoy a cup of heavenly coffee while savouring the surrounding atmosphere and feeling the serendipity of nature. Just watch the vista of the mountains stretching away as far as the eyes can see. Listen to the chirping of the birds and feel snug in the year-round cool air

an invigorating experience that can only be found at PONGYANG VINGT.

Stress Relief Yoga A Relaxed

Love & Life

Simple activities on a relaxing day allow you to feel at one with nature amidst the surrounding mountains that can simply melt away your tension and worries. Adjust your life’s balance with the ancient Indian science of yoga. Count from one to ten and breathe in the clean fresh air emanating from the forests surrounding the Pongyang Vingt project.

Your physical being will absorb the positive vibes from the forest and green lawn in front of your house.

You and your family will enjoy together the yoga exercises in this surrounding. This happiness and relaxation translate into love and physical wellbeing that Pongyang Vingt extends to you and your loved ones every day.

Embraced by hill while you working

When Work Means Rest

Why not let work lead you to relaxation? Leave behind the harried life working against time in the city where every second counts.

But what about time for yourself? Let’s “pause” your time and leave your tension behind at Pongyang Vingt where work, or even leisure, is not taken seriously. Extend you pleasure to its limit

sip a cup of chamomile tea as you gaze out from the balcony while you trade on the stock market, peruse the news, send emails, or whatever else in a tranquil atmosphere as you come to understand the fact of nature that work and leisure can actually synergise.

Enjoy with Cicada Smooth Jazz for all night long

Enjoy Blissful Evenings

There’s nothing more perfect than sipping wine under the moonlight while listening to the cicada jazz symphony.

The songs of nature combine perfectly with your rhythmic breathing in the still of the night.

No other ambience can be this romantic as you sip your Bordeaux wine from France enveloped by the perfect temperature of 18-21 degrees Celsius which is the exact average night ambient temperature at Pongyang throughout the year.


Every day of the year is a relaxing day with year-round cool temperature.



  • 1


    day 29

    night 14

  • 2


    day 32

    night 15

  • 3


    day 34

    night 18

  • 4


    day 36

    night 22

  • 5


    day 33

    night 24

  • 6


    day 33

    night 24

  • 7


    day 32

    night 24

  • 8


    day 32

    night 24

  • 9


    day 32

    night 23

  • 10


    day 31

    night 21

  • 11


    day 29

    night 17

  • 12


    day 27

    night 17


With just a few minutes’ drive from Chiang Mai city to your relaxation destination of Pongyang Vingt. The drive is through the green forest-clad mountains, putting you into the relaxed frame of mind as your destination approaches.


47.4 KM


9.4 KM


34.2 KM


49 KM

Our Location

“Pongyang Vingt” is situated close to several of the well-known cultural and nature tourist attractions. Aside from relaxing at your “Pongyang Vingt” home, you are only a short distance away from manty tourist attractions.